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About us

Our Company

Niba has been working in the lighting industry for many years and stands out for the quality of its services and excellent quality-price ratio of its products. Customer satisfaction has always been our company's primary objective. Almost all our products are manufactured in-house, since our company has its own assembly lines and a large range of injection moulding and injection blow moulding machines for plastics. Over the years, Niba has made several investments, created new products and expanded its production capacity. We intend to continue to invest since we are aware of the importance of adopting new technology in order to continue to work on the market in an increasingly effective way.

Our Staff

Niba has developed and grown over the years, above all thanks to the contribution to those who have worked and continue to work with professionalism and dedication in the company and the close ties that have developed between them. We pay particular attention to proper staff training on safety and quality in accordance with the UNI 9001 specifications in the knowledge that the professional growth of our staff is a business asset.

Research and Design

The birth of a new product is a long process where ideas, planning, design and manufacturing techniques are all essential parts. The idea for a particular product is just the starting point. We then use CAD techniques to design all the components in the finished product and produce the drawings used to make the moulds.


Our main business is the production of medium and large batches of thermoplastic parts. Thanks to the technical skills of our workers, Niba also provides a consultancy service on the creation of new products and how to make moulds able to produce them. Niba is also available to manufacture products based on agreed specifications on behalf of third parties, according to the technology of the production machines at its disposal. As a result of huge investments, Niba currently has one of the biggest production capacities in the world when it comes to manufacturing hollow objects using injection blow moulding.


Niba has always considered the research of the best quality-price ratio essential when creating a new product in order to satisfy its customers' needs to the full. All products are tested during assembly to make sure they work so that customers are sure to receive goods free from all manufacturing defects. Niba obtained UNI ENI ISO 9001 certification in 1998.

Safety and the Environment

Article 41 of the Italian Constitution states that: "Private economic enterprise is free. It may not be carried out against the common good or in such a manner that could damage safety, liberty and human dignity. The law shall provide for appropriate programmes and controls so that public and private-sector economic activity may be oriented and coordinated for social purposes." Companies must be socially responsible and must strive to integrate their managerial strategy with ethical values that protect all the parties they come into contact with, including employees, consumers and the community. Niba takes all the prevention and protection measures that need to be taken in order to protect the health and safety of its workers. Our products are manufactured in respect of the environment through careful waste management.